What is LOLIGO

LOLIGO is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding platform.

LOLIGO Offers token creation through LCC smart contracts. It ensures a fair fund distribution based on milestones and participants' vote.

LOLIGO platform offers all the required tools for a successful & professional ICO.



A minimum value proportional to the energy expended is guaranteed.

Store of value

LOLIGO represents a real digital storage medium, just like gold, silver or bitcoin.

Limited supply

The scarcity of the token guarantees a return on investment


The emission of LOLIGO decreases with increasing difficulty that adapts to global hashrate.

Security driven governance

LOLIGO Blockchain governance is only related to performance and fault management.


LOLIGO is the only Blockchain imposing a balanced crowdfunding relationship.


LOLIGO is not influenced by any entity or organization.

Dedicated network

Unlike other currencies, LOLIGO Blockchain is dedicated exclusively to the launch of ICOs.

No extra premined

LOLIGO is premining only the tokens sold during the ICO.



Allows the ICO launcher to edit, check, test and publish its LCC contract on the blockchain.


An online service to manage ICO campaign through an intuitive graphical wizard while offering the classic features of the dashboard and much more


This component lists ICOs and associated labels and allow direct token purchase.


All ICOs are verified by our experts and through automated real-time analysis, results are available in the benchmark tool.


This is a private cryptocurrency exchange that supports all ICOs launched via the LOLIGO platform.

Smart Wallet

Allows the purchase and storage of LOLIGO tokens, participation in different ICOs, portfolio monitoring, and voting for or against current projects.



ICO launch

This is a complete package for launching ICOs. Our experts put their experience serving customers wishing to launch fundraising campaigns. This covers technical expertise, the development of various deliverables, as well as scheduling and promoting the campaign.

Safety Service

To deal with any inquiry about the founder of an ICO and his background, our experts carefully study every side of the project including the white paper, the usefulness of the project, sources in the case of free projects, the correspondence to the requested amount and many more.


Our service is activated by region. It offers each country a variety of instruments to monitor the financial status of accounts and take necessary measures in case of fraud detection.



Safety label dealing with the ICO founder identity and background then checks the project relevance.


Full safety label with a certified LCC contract. Ensures technical support and interventions independently of the target amount.


The activity timeline displays upcoming activities.

  1. POC Net Up and accessible

    Net to test concept

  2. ICO Crowdsale

    Public Token Sale

  3. Test Net Up

    Net to test blockchain

  4. Token Exchange Listing

    Listing ERC-20 Token

  5. Public Consortium Mainnet Launch

    Public Net - No Mining

  6. Fork & Token Distribution

    Fork and LLG Token Distribution

  7. First Fidelity Airdrop

    Mined Token Distribution

  8. Platform Launch

    Launch of LOLIGO Platform

  9. Final Exchange Listing

    Listing of Mineable LLG Token

  10. Main Net Up

    Public Mining Node

  11. Second Fidelity Airdrop

    Extra Reward for Early miners

The Team

Abdelfattah Chehab

Co-Founder & CEO

Mahmoud Chikouche

Co-Founder & Head of Business

Cooz Komei Tokita

Business Development Director

Paul Lê

Head Of Strategy

Felix Velay

Head of ICO & Business Developer

Iyed Bennour

Chief technology officer

Tristan Kieffer

Head of Sales

Max Gravitt

Blockchain Software Architect

Yosra Helal

Blockchain Software Expert

Tidiane Diallo

Blockchain Software Engineer

Our advisors

Kenneth Cucchia

Strategic Marketing & Growth

Miikka Saloseutu

Business Strategy Advisor

Jean-Claude Rosichini

Maths & Cryptography Expert

Yasmine Ourabia

Blockchain Expert-IBM

Johanna Berrebi

Complex Systems' PhD

Mauro Andriotto

Professor of Corporate Finance

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