LOLIGO project

All these projects have two approaches:
- Using the existing Ethereum DAICO, which is involving DAO
- Using a custom smart contract template, which means developing a smart contract for each ICO.

In both cases:
- Investors cannot be sure about the safety of the process for all ICOs.
- The code is not decentralized

LOLIGO code & process is executed directly by the Blockchain & miners and ensures the best decentralized funds distributions.

- To run the ICO campaign in few minutes using graphical wizard
- To have a legit project and attract investors
- To reach new investors (huge number) having doubt on the ICO investment due to scammers
- To follow the market warranty level, Investors will prefer LOLIGO ICOs and it will become the standard
- To be able to launch it's ICO following the laws of each country
- To be protected against any Blockchain flow or hack
- To avoid network load
- To get free vote cost

And much more benefits, for details, please check the WP

The LOLIGO Blockchain is open source and free to use.

BlocZero is a French software startup specialized in blockchain technologies. Its first project, LOLIGO™ , an open-source blockchain dedicated for ICOs.

ICO & Sales

LOLIGO's Private Sale is reserved for investors and important amounts. Purchase terms may differ from investors to another. Bonus and other advantages may be offered based on how big the contribution is. If you are interested, you may contact us.

LOLIGO's Public Presale is reserved for early public investors and includes 30% price bonus. Participants have to register for presale and create accounts. Minimum presale amount is 1 ETH. Once public presale start, participant has to use the unique ETH address to purchase tokens.

  1. Step 1 - Create your wallet

    Open a wallet through MyEtherWallet or another compatible wallet. Safely store the information for your private key and address.

  2. Step 2 - Purchase Ether

    Buy ETH through a recognised exchange (Kraken, Coinbase) and send it to your wallet.

  3. Step 3 - Get the Loligo ICO address

    Create an account on the Loligo website, to get the smartcontract unique address.

  4. Step 4 - Participate

    Transfer your Ether from your wallet to the Loligo address.

3 rounds are scheduled, Private Presale, Public Presale and Public Sale.

Minimum of 30% bonus during Private Sale, 30% bonus during Public Presale, and no bonus during Public Sale.

During presale a minimum is 1 ETH. No minimum is defined during crowdsale.

A maximum of 250 ETH was defined for presale and crowdsale. No maximum is defined during private sale.

Whitelist is used by most of ICOs to identify users and wallet holder.

The 30% bonus is reserved for early-stage investors. Early stage start after private investment period. And ends before starting marketing campaign.

Yes, provided he is not located in US or China. And passed successfully KYC process.

No, only whitelisted address can participate during public presale.

Please create an account on and follow instructions.

Many ICO are using independent KYC agency, most of them are working from countries with very permissive personal data management rules. To avoid any personal data transfer LOLIGO KYC is handled in local servers. No information is transferred to a third party.

ID card or passport and/or residence proof may be required.

All unsold tokens will be burnt.

Tokens are transferred immediately after sending the ETH amount to the unique contract address.

Tokens can be transferred to any ETH address one week after Sale finished.

If Soft Cap is not reached, all invested money will be refund.

Calling a function in the smart contact will start the process. Refunded amount will be sent to the investor’s ETH address. A detailed user guide will be published.

A transaction is needed to do the refunding, fees are charged to the investor, you may notice a 3-5% difference compared to invested amount.